The Stress Free Golf Swing Review

Research indicates that one of the quickest ways to improve your scoring average in golf is to hit more greens. To do that, you have to perfect your ball striking technique. Fortunately, Jeff Richmond’s Stress-Free Golf Swing system can help you do that. Based on Ben Hogan’s secret golf swing move, the program delivers results in as little as five minutes, and you can practice the move anywhere, anytime. According to Jeff, the system will teach you one powerful and simple golf swing move that will add power and accuracy to your golf swing, even if you hate practicing on the range. With that in mind, here is a detailed Stress Free Golf Swing review.

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What is the Stress-Free Golf Swing Secret?

Created in early 2015and inspired by Ben Hogan’s “secret,” the Stress-Free Golf Swing by Jeff Richmond aims to help golfers improve their ball striking technique, as well as eliminate thin and fat shots. Jeff is not only a golf enthusiast but also the owner of a relatively popular golf blog with more than 100,000 subscribers. Every Sunday, Jeff sends out his weekly Consistent Golf Gazette to the over 100,000 golfers who subscribe to his blog. To ensure the content in the Consistent Gazette delivers value to subscribers, Jeff often does swing analysis of professional golfers. From early 2015 to March 2015, Jeff analyzed hundreds of great golfer’s swings after reading a statement online that claimed the average PGA Tour golfer only moves his head one inch during a swing. Some of the golfers that Jeff analyzed include Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Adam Scott, Ernie Els, Sam Snead, Tom Watson, Jim Furyk, Michelle Wie, Rory McIlroy, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Lee Trevino, Payne Stewart, Phil Mickelson, Moe Norman, Bubba Watson, Greg Norman, Lydia Ko, and Fred Couples, among others.

During his research, Jeff discovered that Ben Hogan’s golf swing was markedly different from the other professional golfer’s swings. In other words, Jeff found the “secret” that set Ben Hogan, who is arguably the best ball striker of all time, apart from other golfers and it was not his head movement. Jeff says that the “anomaly” in Ben Hogan’s golf swing is contrary to what is traditionally taught in the golf swing. After practicing this “secret” move for only one week, Jeff was not only able to hit more greens in regulation, but also lower his handicap from 1 to +1 and eventually to +2, playing once every one to two weeks. Encouraged by his rapid improvement, Jeff decided to experiment to find out if the move would work for other golfers. To do this, he put together a few videos and a PDF explaining the move (essentially creating the Stress Free Golf Swing program) on November 18, 2015. Then, he gave the material to some golfers to test the move. All the golfers involved in the experiment were able to improve their golf swings and consequently their scoring averages within a relatively short period, thanks to Jeff’s system.

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The Importance of a Great Golf Swing

To stand any chance of winning a round of golf, your golf swing needs to be either great or perfect. For this reason, all golfers on a PGA Tour are excellent ball strikers. The program focuses solely on the ball striking aspect of golf. Unlike some golfers, Jeff knows that ball hitting rather than the short game is the key to lower scores. According to Jeff, if you improve your ball striking, you will be able to lower your scores consistently. This is because hitting the golf ball consistently well will allow you to hit more greens in regulation and research indicates that there is a strong correlation between greens and scoring average. For instance, golfers who average 12 greens in regulation typically have a scoring average of 69 to 73. On the other hand, golfers who average two greens in regulations normally have a scoring average of 89 to 93. This means that to improve your scoring average, you have to improve your greens in regulation statistics. That is where the Stress-Free Swing comes in handy.


• It is ridiculously simple to understand and implement
• It is based on only one simple move
• It is tested and proven. Tens of golfers who have used the program have reported significant improvements in their scoring average
• Packed with illustrations, examples and 15 online videos
• You can practice the secret move anytime, anywhere
• You can learn the move in as little as five minutes
• It will help you attain a repeatable golf swing and consistent results
• It teaches how to build a true “timing free” golf swing
• Makes golf fun and enjoyable
• Offers a 60-day trial money back guarantee
• Suitable for golfers of all ages


The 15 online videos are highly detailed for one simple golf swing move

How to Access the Stress-Free Golf Swing

You can access it from the website for a one-time payment of just $47. Upon making payment, you will be able to access all the materials, including a 123-page eBook in PDF format, 15 online videos, and a one-page PDF cheat sheet. You can make payment using any of the major credit cards or PayPal. It is worth noting that Jeff offers a 60-day trial, no questions asked, money back guarantee. This means that, should the course fail to meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within 60 days of making payment.

Final Word

The Stress-Free Golf Swing book is a good system because it focuses solely on the golf swing, which is arguably the most important aspect of golf. It is a ridiculously simple system based on just one golf swing move. For this reason, it is easy to understand, practice and master. The system offers incredible value for a one-time payment of $47 and a 60-day trial money back guarantee.

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